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Through the depiction of abstract, fictitious spaces, my work aims to question and engage with positive and negative space. Space means something different to each individual and affects everyone in different ways. Throughout this project I have challenged myself to think about what space means for me. We have spent the past year, during the pandemic, occupying the same space day in and day out; for some this space has been a comfort and for others, a prison. When viewing my work, I ask that the viewer take a moment to ask themselves: What does space mean to me? By taking a moment to meditate on this question, the viewer will hopefully be able to form a connection to my paintings and in turn, a connection to others. Art has the potential to be universal and accessible to all. Whilst the methodology behind abstract art can be confusing for some, the appreciation of, and individual connection to the work is accessible to everyone. I invite you to take a seat and immerse yourself in my work. Allow yourself to travel somewhere different, it may be somewhere new and undiscovered, somewhere old and experienced or simply just somewhere fictitious.

My final year portfolio and submission placed into a powerpoint document. Each work is discussed in detail and seperated into 4 different groups:
-Primary Submission
-Secondary Submission
-Preparatory Works
-Artist Research

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