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Resolving a painting

This week I have resolved my first painting…I think. I’ve been building it up slowly and have now reached a point where I don’t feel drawn to add any more layers or colours, but at the same time I’m a bit tentative to say it’s resolved. I think I find the prospect of finishing a painting and being ‘satisfied’ with it quite daunting; I’m trying to understand this. I can be quite critical of my work sometimes and to stand back and say yes, I’m happy with this work and it is the best work I can do, is difficult for me. Having said that, I do feel that with my latest painting I can fairly comfortable stand back and say just that.

'Interchange', Oil on canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm, 2021

Above is an image of my latest work, I’ve enjoyed painting it so much and have used it to explore oil paint as well as depth and colour combinations. I went into this painting with an abstracted sketch of a busy interchange near me. Hence the title ‘Interchange’, but as the painting developed, I moved it further and further away from this sketch and it began to resemble a feeling more than a specific place. The title ‘Interchange’ felt right for this painting as it not only paid homage to the original starting point but played on this idea of two things interacting and changing. I interacted with the canvas and it with me and as a result the painting was developed.

With my current practice, and my audience in mind, I aim to depict a place, a non-specific place, a universal place. A painting where anyone can look at it and devise their own personal interpretation of the work, their own place; each viewer will find a place or emotion specific to them. Even though we all relate to the painting differently we all have one thing in common. A connection to the painting.

I’m currently sat waiting on a large order of canvas and stretcher bars. 5 ft by 5 ft. Very Excited! So, here’s to hopefully more confidently resolved paintings in the near future.

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