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Is landscape art boring?

This is a term I often would use when referring to landscape art, boring. I used to only find excitement in figurative art and would completely cut off landscape art from my artist research. I just wasn’t attracted to the classical landscape paintings that hung on the gallery walls; it is only since being emerged in the beautiful landscape of Aberystwyth alongside being taught by a fantastic tutor, who’s work focuses on the landscape that surrounds her, that I have begun to see landscape for more than what I originally saw.

My art doesn’t focus on the typical landscape we think of, with rolling hills and horizon lines, but more on things I find within my landscape surrounding me. Landscape can offer so much more than what we originally see, its shapes, its forms, and colours. And most importantly, an emotion. When painting a landscape an artist not only wants to capture the beauty of a view but also a feeling. Abstract art based off landscapes does this best for me. The mix of marks on the canvas, slow thought out marks, big gestural strokes, and carefully placed colours next to each other really does capture a moment in time for me.

Landscape is ever changing and so is landscape art.

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