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Last week I had a careers meeting, having never attending anything like this for myself, I found it immensely useful. In my earlier blog posts, I mentioned I was planning on continuing my education and applying for a Masters course in Leeds. Plans have changed. I will still be doing an MA at some point in my future but I’m going to take a year or two out of education and really use that time to focus on myself as a practicing and hopefully exhibiting artist.

Once moved to Leeds in July, I am aiming to firstly find a part time job, we all have to start somewhere. Having said that, I have been in contact with quite a few different creative institutions based in Leeds over the past week and I am actively looking for bursaries, exhibition opportunities, studio spaces and paid, part time work within a creative field.

One field I am particularly interested in is art within the community, I plan to be as involved as possible with any groups and events nearby. Art can heal and everyone deserves to, at least once in their lives, experience it. If you know me well, you’ll know I always set high expectations for myself and this is no different in terms of my career as an artist. I have so many ideas that I’d love to execute one day. The main idea being a small freelance business run by myself, with the aim of spreading and teaching the joy of art within the community, I’d create a month-long project plan filled with tonnes of creative activities that ideally could all lead to one final event. As I said, high hopes, but not impossible.

Although I’m focussing the majority of my time on completing my degree to best of my ability, I am also allowing some time to preparing myself for after graduation. Exciting but scary. Very short post this week but writing something each week is harder than I thought.

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