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Final Year

I’ve officially completed my first week back at university as a third year student, it didn't go quite as I'd hoped but nonetheless it was succesful. Last Sunday the university sent out an email at 11:30pm telling both staff anf students that in person teaching would not be taking place during the first week of term. As much as I was annoyed and disheartened I knew that in the grand scheme of things it was what was necessary to keep both students and staff safe. Following a recent update, in person teaching is set to begin tomorrow. Fingers crossed, the University doesn't change it's mind last minute.

Going into my final year, I find myself feeling a little overwhelmed, it's only just beginning to kick in that this is it. I've almost finished my time at university. Looking back, I've grown so much as an artist. I came into year one thinking I was amazing and didn't have much room left to improve, I'd never really been challenged before or had my art questioned. Abersywtyth has enabled me to grow so much as a painter, the staff have taught me to be critical and that there is always room to develop and grow as an artist. The work I am producing now is a million miles away from anything I ever thought I would be able to create a few years back, I am proud of myself and how far I've come and can't wait to see where I'm going to be at the end of my degree.

The end of my degree. Where to next? What now? Currently, I'm looking at MA courses to further develop my art practic. As daunting as this prospect is, I'm also very excited about what the future may hold.

It's been a while since I last uploaded a blog post but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and upload more frequently so I can begin to keep track of my devlopment and my project.

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