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Before my final term at university crumbled apart, I was taking a printmaking module. In the past I’ve only dipped in and out of printmaking, never really completed a full, in depth and detailed exploration of the medium and what it can offer me. In college I looked at lino cutting and the different marks I could make as well as the varied results; whilst I really enjoyed the process of lino cutting the outcome didn’t quite suit my desired style. Mono-printing was another printing style I explored at college; this resonated more with me as it allowed me to create gestural and free marks. At university, I chose to take a printmaking module in my final term of year 2; it focussed on screen printing and lithography, both things I have not tried before. Out of the two disciplines I enjoyed lithography more as I found the whole process of screen-printing, whilst exciting, to be a bit too methodical and graphic based for me.

Lithography still baffles me, and I am still yet to get my head around the whole process. The fluidity within the lines that you can create was so exciting, the layering of the different gradients of drawing fluid and the gorgeous and individual prints that were produced just made the whole process more enticing. I’m devastated that my time in the printmaking department was cut short but at least I was able to produce a few screen-prints as well as lithography stones and prints.

Printmaking from home, unlike painting, the materials needed for printmaking are not readily accessible. I’m lucky enough to have some water-based printing ink, a roller and a sheet of acetate. Mono-printing, I inked up the sheet of acetate and began scratching into it, rubbing away ink and create unique marks. I wasn’t drawing with an outcome in mind, instead I put the marks down to intuitive instincts. Let chance take over.

Scarlet Mayer Payne

Lithography Print


Scarlet Mayer Payne



There are aspects of the printing process that interest me, but I think my main interests will always lie with painting, it’s easily accessible and allows me to create so many endless variations and results. I’m sure if I continued to explore printmaking, I would too find innovative ways of mark making. But for now, I am a painter and most likely it will stay this way with the odd dip into printmaking every now and then when that best suits my practice.

As for the lockdown, it’s been a week now and it’s safe to say that I’ve been using my time productively. I’ve been able to do something art related each day, some days more than others but I’m not going to be too harsh on myself. That’s all for now, I hope you are all keeping safe and looking after yourself and your families.

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